Kharkiv Institute of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Kharkiv Institute of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (“MAUP”) is a separate structural subdivision of the Private Joint Stock Company “Higher Educational Institution “Interregional Academy of Personnel Management”.

The history of the institute dates back to the end of 1995, when a protocol was signed on the establishment of an educational structural unit in Kharkiv. In February 1996, the Kharkiv Training and Consulting Center was established, and at the end of the same year, the first enrollment of students took place. In 1997, the Kharkiv Training and Consulting Center was reorganized into the Kharkiv Regional Center for Open Education.

On July 20, 1998, by the decision of the Administrative Council of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management and the decision of the shareholders’ meeting of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management Closed Joint Stock Company, the Kharkiv branch of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management was founded on the basis of the Kharkiv Regional Center for Open Education for its high performance in organizing the educational process.

The Kharkiv Institute was established in 2001 by reorganizing the Kharkiv Branch of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

From the beginning of the establishment of “MAUP”, the position of Director of the Institute was held by S.O. Hrymblat, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, I.M. Ryabchenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. At present, the position of Director of the Institute is held by Valentyna Yuriyivna Dogadina, Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Administration, specialty “Management”, Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems Management, Professor of MCA.

“MAUP” has its own website, which contains information about the educational institution. For applicants, the site contains a list of specialties, a list of documents required to be submitted to the admission department, and information about the location of the educational institution.

“MAUP” has 3 departments.

Department of Management – headed by O.S. Telepneva, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Department of Psychology – headed by Litvinova I.L., Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Professor of ICA.

The Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines is headed by A.A. Rud, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor.

“MAUP” trains specialists in the following specialties: “Management”, “Psychology.

The training and development of specialists at “MAUP” is carried out in the context of broad integration into the international education system, which aims to: integrate “MAUP” into the national and educational system of training specialists; establishing a universal ethic of cooperation between nations and cultures; exchange of new technologies in educational activities; direct contacts between teachers, students, and production workers.

“MAUP” educates real heroes of Ukraine, such as student Kravchenko Serhii Mykolaiovych, who was awarded the Order of Danylo Halytskyi by the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 741/2019 for personal courage and dedication displayed during hostilities, high professionalism and exemplary performance of official duties.

Among the students of “MAUP” are winners of sports competitions of various levels. Thus, Mirsaabov Mirallam Mirsamed oglu is a seven-time winner of the Ukrainian Cup in kempo, five-time champion of Ukraine in kempo, two-time winner of the World Cup in kempo, five-time world champion in kempo karate. Student Oleksandr Grekulov is a two-time champion of Ukraine in archery (among cadets), two-time champion of Ukraine in archery (among juniors), champion of Ukraine in archery (among adults); winner of the All-Ukrainian competition Makarova A.M. (karate). Students K.O. Logvinenko (football) and I.D. Sirotkin (powerlifting) achieved significant results in sports. Kharkiv Institute “MAUP” is proud of its students.

Teachers of the Kharkiv Institute “”MAUP” University” cover the educational work in the remote form of convicts serving sentences in the state institution “Kholodnogorsk correctional colony № 18” North-Eastern Interregional Department for the Execution of Criminal Sentences of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Kharkiv).

Scientific work at “MAUP” is carried out in accordance with the requirements of national legislation, the State National Program for the Development of Education in Ukraine. The general management of the scientific activities of the Institute is provided by the Academic Council of “MAUP”.

Over the years of its existence, teachers and students of “MAUP” have published 1495 articles, in particular, the monograph “Actual Problems of Logistics and Distribution” by Doctor of Economics, Professor O. Sumets is especially popular among students and teachers.

An important factor in the development of science is the ability to identify the level of scientific work of students, which is clearly demonstrated in competitions of student research papers and participation in competitions and conferences. Every year, teachers and students participate in international, national, and interuniversity conferences and seminars.

The work of student research clubs is becoming more diverse every year. The Psychology Department has been running a club for several years now.

The administration and teachers of “MAUP” take care of the representatives of the Veterans Council of the Saltovsky district of Kharkiv, pupils of the Home for Children with Mental Retardation. On the basis of “MAUP” thematic trainings of art therapy with children, pregnant women, and parents are held.

“MAUP” exists as a modern educational institution that does not stop there and has good prospects