Student scientific club "Successful people"

The activities of SNK “ Successful people ” are maximally transparent and based on the principles of responsibility, interest, self-governance and morality. The scientific leader of the Club is Natalia Lukashevych, Associate Professor of  Psychology.

Head of the Club – Maria Kochukova, 3rd year student;
Deputy Chairman – Kucherenko Irina, 1st year student;
Press Secretary – Anna Bulgakova, 1st year student;
Reviewer – Vitaliy Ponomarenko, 4th year student.

Main areas of activity:

Increasing the effectiveness of practical training and improving the professional skills and abilities of students majoring in Psychology. Providing practical assistance in the professional orientation of the student’s personality and its creative self-realization in the conditions of activities significant for the individual and the social environment.

The Club actively conducts:

  • club meeting with classes within the educational and thematic plan
  • an in-depth study of certain fundamental and applied problems of modern psychology is discussed. Training, formation of practical skills of a psychologist (methodology, problems of psychological counseling)
  • training sessions
  • round tables
  • corrective work
  • scientific activity
  • cooperation with the Psychological Service of the Institute, which is headed by Doctor of Philosophy in the field of psychology, senior lecturer Balbuza Olena Mykolaivna.
  • art therapy workshops – PRO-ART
  • days of mental health, psychology and science
  • scientific psychological and pedagogical research (survey)
  • charity events/promotions (according to the Club plan)
  • cultural and recreational events (creative meetings)

Currently, the club has gained some experience and is actively developing thanks to the work of students and the support of the Academy. We plan to expand our borders and cooperate with other psychological clubs and services of institutes of our city in order to attract as much attention and interest as possible to the profession of psychologist.

We are waiting for YOU in the walls of our institute!!!