Student Ombudsman – Anna Bulgakova
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +380996813357
Specialty: Bachelor of Psychology

Dear students!

The student rights representative (ombudsman) provides qualified assistance in solving students’ problems. The student ombudsman is elected by the Student Council for 2 years from among its members.

The student ombudsman of the Institute is obliged to:

– to prevent violation of the rights and freedoms of students of the Institute and to promote their renewal;
– ensure availability according to the schedule and publicity of the work of the Office of the Student Ombudsman;
– immediately make a decision regarding the consideration of applications received in the proceedings and take possible measures to restore the rights of students of the Institute;
– ensure independent, impartial, confidential consideration of applications;
– inform students about the results of the Ethical Expert Commission of the Institute;
– annually report to the Academic Council and the Student Council on the work carried out during the academic year, with the posting of the report on the website of the Institute;
– other duties provided for by regulatory legal acts, or those arising from the powers of the Ombudsman.

Regulation on the Student Rights Ombudsman