Kharkiv Institute of Private Joint-Stock Company “Higher education institution “Interregional Academy of Personnel Management” trains specialists in the field 07 Management and administration of specialty 073 Management of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education. The Department of Management, Finance and Administration is the graduation department for the specialty 073 “Management”.

The specialty is focused on training highly qualified specialists for leading Ukrainian and foreign companies, state administration bodies, higher educational institutions, research, analytical and expert centers.
The educational process involves a combination of deep fundamental training in the field of modern economic science and mastering a whole range of applied disciplines in the field of management, finance, marketing, accounting, economic and mathematical methods, professional foreign language, etc. In the course of training, the active participation of students in scientific research and seminars, the use of the latest training and information and communication technologies, progressive methods of teaching management and administration are organically combined. Specialists in this specialty are trained for public and private business structures (they can work in various organizational-management and financial-economic positions); perform labor duties in the civil service (development and examination of key documents in the field of social and economic policy at the national, regional and local levels); to practice educational and scientific activities in higher educational institutions and research centers (conducting complex economic research and scientific projects, developing socio-economic forecasts, teaching educational courses).

Many of them are employed in Ukrainian banking structures, tourist, advertising and media agencies, companies operating mobile communications, central and regional state authorities, and some have founded and run their own business. After completing their studies, talented young people choose an educational and scientific path for their career development, entering graduate school, defending candidate theses and holding teaching and research positions in various higher educational institutions and scientific institutions of Ukraine. In addition, with the aim of building an international professional career, graduates of the specialty also continue their studies at well-known European universities. Specialists in the field of management of state and business structures are trained in the “Management” specialty. Studying in the specialty provides an opportunity to form an understanding of the systemic connections in the management of organizations of various types and spheres of activity.If you dream of becoming a director of an enterprise or managing its divisions, becoming an authoritative specialist of a state institution or creating your own business and managing it – you should go to us!

The main specializations of the bachelor’s level of education:

 Economics and business management
 Management of tourism and hotel business
Competences formed as a result of training under an educational and professional training program

 development of tactical and operational plans for the current activity of the industrial enterprise;
 making complex and effective management decisions;
 planning needs for various types of resources and coordinating their use; drawing up plans for the development of the company’s personnel;
 organization of collective work;
 teamwork coordination and the ability to resolve conflicts at the enterprise;
 organization and rationalization of workplaces; organization of an effective information exchange system;
 regulation of technological processes; development of an effective system of motivation and remuneration;
 formation and development of organizational culture; implementation of consulting activities;
acquisition of conceptual knowledge acquired in the process of education and professional activity, including certain knowledge of modern achievements;
critical understanding of basic theories, principles, methods and concepts in education and professional activity; – specialized conceptual knowledge acquired in the process of study and/or professional activity at the level of the latest achievements, which are the basis for original thinking and innovative activity, in particular, in the context of research work;
 critical understanding of problems in education and/or professional activity and on the border of subject areas; – clear and unambiguous presentation of one’s own conclusions, as well as the knowledge and explanations that substantiate them, to specialists and non-specialists, in particular to persons who are studying;
 use of foreign languages in professional activities.

 solving complex, unpredictable tasks and problems in specialized areas of professional activity and/or training, which involves the collection and interpretation of information (data), the selection of methods and tools, the use of innovative approaches;
 in practice apply basic knowledge of fundamental economic sciences to the extent necessary for mastering general professional disciplines and using their methods in the chosen profession;
 formulate and implement the main goals of management;
 conveying to specialists and non-specialists information, ideas, problems, solutions and own experience in the field of professional activity;
 the ability to effectively form a communication strategy;
 ability to find and analyze information from various sources;
 the ability to organize the process of performing tasks in accordance with the principles of time management;
 the ability to manage complex actions or projects, to be responsible for making decisions in unpredictable conditions; – decision-making in complex and unpredictable conditions, which requires the use of new approaches and forecasting;
 the ability to be responsible for the development of professional knowledge and practices, evaluation of the team’s strategic development;
 the ability for further learning, which is largely autonomous and independent;
 solving complex tasks and problems, which requires updating and integrating knowledge, often in conditions of incomplete/insufficient information and conflicting requirements;
 conducting research and/or innovative activities.The acquired qualification allows you to work in:
• Wholesale and retail trade
• Transport, warehousing
• Information and telecommunications
• Small and medium-sized businesses
• Real estate transactions
• Activities in the field of administrative and auxiliary services
• State administration and defense;
•    Social Insurance
• Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
• All types of industry
• Financial and insurance activities
• Construction
• Mobile communication companies

Graduates can hold the following positions (at the initial stage of their professional activity):
• specialists in the field of labor and employment;
• manager, supervisor at enterprises of all types;
• transport logistics manager;
• international transportation manager;
• manager of car service, car repair enterprises, car showrooms;
• head of the supply department;
• chief administrator (at commercial enterprises);
• head of the department of material and technical supply;
• deputy director (head) of the enterprise;
• chief dispatcher of transport, production, international transportation, transportation services;
• shift chief (transport, warehousing, communications), city transport route;
• inspector for operational, production-technical and organizational issues;
• transport logistics manager;
• chief administrator (at commercial enterprises);
• head of the department of material and technical supply, warehouse (fuel and lubricant materials, material and technical, etc.);
• deputy director (head) of the enterprise;
• chief traffic controller;
• shift manager (transport, warehousing;
• inspector for operational, production-technical and organizational issues;
• customs broker;
• export inspector;
• manager of the analysis of foreign economic activity of the enterprise;
• marketing manager;
• head of a car service and car repair enterprise;
•    Head of Department;
• senior production manager;
• sales representative;
• administrator of all types of enterprises;
• a specialist in the service of material and technical support;
• technical and sales representatives;
• assistant managers;
• managers (managers) in matters of commercial activity and management;
• the head of the transshipment complex;
• head (manager) of the material and technical support unit;
• manager of car service, car repair enterprises, car showrooms.
The purpose of the educational program “Economics and Business Management” of the second (master’s) level is the training of highly qualified specialists in the context of competition in the field of management and administration for the effective performance of tasks of an innovative nature, by mastering in-depth knowledge of the methods and tools of economics and business management, the formation of leadership qualities , a high moral position, the ability to manage a team and teamwork, which is realized through theoretical and practical classes, applied research in the areas of strategic management, quality management of project decisions and results, evaluation of project effectiveness through the study of anti-crisis management methods. OPP provides the need for highly professional and competitive management specialists in the Kharkiv region in the conditions of innovative development and digitalization of the economy and society.
The Master of Management is prepared to work in several types and titles of economic activity according to the national classifier of Ukraine.
A Master of Management can work at enterprises, institutions, organizations, state authorities, and non-state structures. Acquired competencies enable graduates to perform the following professional work in accordance with the National Classifier of Ukraine “Profession Classifier” DK 003:2010 (KP):
– managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
– managers of small enterprises without a management apparatus; – managers (managers) of enterprises, institutions, organizations and their subdivisions, in particular, managers (managers) in the field of information provision, regional development, communication technologies, administrative activities, logistics, marketing, supply, sales, from public relations, from foreign economic activities, from advertising, from personnel, from the organization of advisory services, environmental systems, information security systems, from social and corporate responsibility, etc.;
– researchers and teachers.- Managers (managers) in wholesale trade and mediation in trade
– Managers (managers) in the retail trade of household and non-food goods and their repair
– Managers (managers) in the retail trade of household goods
– Managers (managers) in retail trade of non-food products
– Managers (managers) in the retail trade of food products
– Managers (managers) in hotels and other places of accommodation
– Managers (managers) in the hotel industry
– Managers (managers) from catering
– Managers (managers) in the field of real estate transactions, leasing and services to legal entities
– Managers (managers) in the field of renting machines and equipment
– Managers (managers) in the field of information provision
– Managers (managers) in the field of research and development
– Managers (managers) in accounting 1475.3 Managers (managers) in market research and the study of public opinion
– Managers (managers) in matters of commercial activity and management
– Advertising managers
– Managers (managers) for the selection, provision and use of personnel
– Managers (managers) for the selection, provision and use of personnel
– Managers (managers) in other types of economic activity
– Managers (managers) in the housing and communal economy
– Managers (managers) of quality systems
– Managers (managers) from social and corporate responsibility
– Managers (managers) in other types of economic activity, not assigned to other groups
– Heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations